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Make an Impact!

Photo Album

October 24-28, 2016

Zero not a Hero if I put my hands on Drugs Heroes swing away from drugs Be a Superhero Slam the door on drugs Our anti-drug super powers Superheroes say: Pow! Wham! Boom!! to drugs
Be Drug Free Super Hereowls say No to drugs Keep Gotham City and Anza Drug Free We keep hands off drugs Say no to drugs, say yes to tacos, choose to refuse
Be a hero, say Pow! to drugs Fly like a Hero, say NO to drugs Never fear underdog is here Life can take you Higher than Drugs, Be Superheroes Super Heroes say no to drugs
Don't get stuck on drugs YOLO - You only live once, say NO to drugs Second Hand Smoke makes us angry! Mr. Wicks Mr. Mattoon
Mr. Brown Mr. Davies Mrs. Woodard Mrs. Bischof and Mrs. Grant Mrs. Freeman
Ms. Winter Wonderful Green monster Mrs. Brengle Mr. Brands
Gotham City Mrs. Wood Mr. Nelissen Mr. Ream Super Hero
Mrs. Robilotta and student dressed as a Military Hero