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What is PBIS?

PBIS stands for "Positive Behavior Interventions and Support" and is the program Hamilton K-8 and many schools in Hemet Unified have adopted to promote social skills among students and encourage a more positive school climate.


What Does PBIS Look Like?

PBIS in action is fairly simple.  At Hamilton, students are taught behavioral expectations and social skills during brief classroom lessons.  These lessons teach students how to explicitly meet expectations and the steps necessary for each skill.  This removes ambiguity and ensures that students understand what the expected behavior is.  Research has shown that students are better able to meet expectations when they have been clearly defined for them, rather than when they are left to define them on their own. You will see posters on our campus clearly stating what the expectations for certain areas are.  


What social skills are taught and what school rules are students expected to follow?  


16 Social Skills

  1. Following instructions
  2. Accepting criticism or a consequence
  3. Accepting "no" for an answer
  4. Resisting peer pressure
  5. Getting the teacher's attention
  6. Disagreeing appropriately
  7. Making an apology
  8. Waiting your turn
  9. Minding your own business
  10. Asking for help
  11. Asking permission
  12. Staying on task
  13. Giving criticism
  14. Working with others
  15. Listening
  16. Using appropriate voice tone
PBIS Incentives
PBIS Consequences
  • Bobcat Bucks or Cool Cat Cash
  • Prizes
  • Dairy Queen Drawing
  • Recognition on morning announcements 
  • PBIS Pep Rallies
  • Low level referrals
  • PBIS Lessons
  • Unable to attend PBIS Pep Rallies
  • Disciplinary referral
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion