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LCAP Make an Impact!

Mrs. Maulding's Class

Hello, I'm Mrs. Maulding! This is my 11th year teaching and I am happy to be here at Hamilton. I have taught in Temecula, Simi Valley, and Los Angeles. I look forward to working with your family this year! 
Spelling words for the test on 5/12/17
loose lose   desert dessert   then than   super supper   are our hour   its it's   who's whose
BONUS: Mother's Day   because
What are BONUS words? These are extra-credit words for strong spellers who need a challenge. All students are welcome to try to spell these on our weekly test. If they are spelled correctly, the student earns two bonus points! If they are misspelled, their score is not affected.
Spelling Homework: We are now only studying spelling words each night, I am not sending home structured HW. We still have a spelling test every Friday morning.  
Math Homework: We are now only studying math facts for HW each night. We still have math fact tests every Friday morning.
Remember to read every night for at least 25 minutes. Did you forget your D.R.A. book, or can you read your D.R.A. book in less than 25 minutes? Please read another book of your choice. Books from our school library are a great option! When you finish any book, please ask me if it has an A.R. test so that you can reach your reading goal.