Effects of Road Closures and Busing Information

To all Hemet Unified School District families who have students at Idyllwild, Cottonwood, Hamilton, and Hamilton High. Based on current information, these schools will be back in session on Monday, February 25th. However, there are still road closures in the area. Primarily, Hwy 74 from Hemet to Mountain Center is still closed. Transportation services for Idyllwild, Cottonwood, Hamilton and Hamilton High will be running normal transportation schedules, except for Idyllwild students attending valley schools.

Due to the road closure on Highway 74, there is a change to the bus route schedule for all students residing in the Idyllwild area, attending Hemet High, Alessandro and Aspire Schools. Effective until further notice, this bus route will run exactly one hour earlier. For example, if the bus normally picks up at 6:20 am, the bus will now pick up at 5:20 am. In the afternoon, please plan on the bus arriving at the stops approximately one hour later. We will inform you when the regular schedule can resume. Additionally, the late activity bus from Hemet High to the Idyllwild community will depart Hemet High at 4:15 pm instead of 5:15 pm.

To assist staff and families that may need to travel to these sites, we have attached suggested maps, directions, and estimated times of travel to this message. We are hopeful that this information will assist you in planning your schedule to arrive safe and on time.     

As a courtesy, we will be providing staff members a van shuttle service from the District Office Main Entrance on Acacia Avenue to Hamilton, Hamilton High, and Idyllwild until Highway 74 partially reopens. Additionally, shuttle service will be available for staff members in the Anza and Idyllwild areas who report to sites in the valley. If you intend to utilize this free service, please contact the Transportation Department to reserve your seat and obtain the shuttle schedule.

We will be in contact if any changes arise. For inquiries, contact the Transportation Department.  

Transportation Department                                                                                                                                    

951-765-5100 ext. 5880

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